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Learn About Aluminium Design

Designing with aluminium offers countless possibilities and opportunities.

Learn the fundamentals of extrusion design and the processes involved with our collection of easy to follow guides and advice.


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Extrusion 101

Learn the basics of Aluminium Extrusion 
Our 101 guide takes you through extrusion process from start to finish

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Understand the benefits of using Aluminium
There are so many great reasons to choose aluminium extrusions

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Design Basics

Designing an extrusion? Follow our design guides
 Applying these elements to your design will help ensure your profiles are extrudable

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Design Tips and Considerations.jpg

Design Tips

Considerations to Take
Take a closer look at all of the aspects you should consider when designing an extrusion

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Discover the importance of selecting the right alloy
There are many factors to learn about selecting the right alloy for your project

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Understand the importance of dimensional tolerances
Tolerances are crucial to the success of your part being extruded 

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Joining Aluminium.jpg


Not sure how to join your extrusions?
We uncover various methods of joining Aluminium Extrusions

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Calculate The Weight.jpg

Calculating the weight

We've put together a simple method on how to calculate the weight of aluminium extrusions

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Apply various finishes and treatments to your profile
 Enhance your part by applying a treatment or finish to it

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Want to learn more about anodising aluminium?
 Anodising aluminium holds many benefits and can even add dimensions to you part

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Aluminium Surface Treatment Guide.jpg

Surface Treatments

 Use our guide to help select which surface finish you should apply to your profile.

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