Simplify Your Aluminium Extrusion Supply

We provide a wide range of extrusion services to take you from design, to production, and beyond.

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Design Assistance

Our in-house experts know aluminium extrusion and can give you the confidence to take your project to the next level.

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Expertly Sourced

Allow us to leverage our network of partners to provide you with a friction-less supply experience.

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Fabricated & Finished

No need to send your materials away for fabrication. Our one-stop-shop machining centre is co-located with our stock facility.

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Stocked & Shipped

We will order stock on your behalf to call off as you wish over a period of time.

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Turnkey Solutions for Aluminium Extrusion

Since 1999, we have been helping businesses grow, solve complex supply chain problems and specialise complete turnkey solutions for:

  • Aluminium Extrusion
  • Fabrication 
  • Finishing and Anodising 
  • Complete Assemblies 

We are positioned for growth and ready to put our financial strength, physical space, technical knowledge, research & design capability and logistical network to work on any supply challenges our customer's face.

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Helping Solve Supply Chain Pain Since 1999

"This is the fourth time they've delivered late this month?!"

Our high on-time rate is accredited to our in house supply chain team, who tightly manage your delivery, allowing minimal waiting time when you need it most.

"Where will we store 5000m of material?"

We flexibly stock your parts in our warehouse & scale to support your business as it grows.

"We're spending way too much on transport"

Our central location works in our favour, allowing us to efficiently, quickly, and without the large expense, deliver your good to you.

"Sorry, the lead time is five weeks"

Our strong financial position, combined with our healthy relationship with suppliers permits us to pull of industry-beating lead times that you will not find elsewhere.

"How will we get this to site?"

We have access to a variety of vehicles that deliver nationwide to make your life easier. We can offer the use of a forklift at a cost-effective price that will not break the bank!

Can't meet minimum order requirements?

No need to worry – we will order the stock on your behalf and let you call off stock as you need, over a period of time.

"I'm not sure where to find a supplier for this"

With over 20 years in the industry, our in-depth knowledge and network partners enable us to select the optimum route for manufacturing.

"We have so much cash tied up in stock"

Keep your stock with us and have your money free-flowing. Our industry-leading system works to your advantage every time.


Bespoke Aluminium Extrusions

We specialise in bespoke extrusions that are designed for individual customers and projects.

From aerospace to large architecture, our capabilities ensure your project is produced to the highest standard and meets your design requirements.

Once you have submitted your project, our in house product designer can offer guidance on your extrusion project and improve tool life. 

Standard Aluminium Extrusions

Thanks to our wide network of partners, we're able to source and stock an incredibly large library of standard profiles.

Additional operations such as in-house milling and cutting to length, then allow us to deliver a component that's ready to use, saving you time and effort.

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Aluminium Academy

Whether you would like to know more about Aluminium or Plastic extrusion, we've got you covered.

Our extrusion academy provides you with a quick and easy way to get up to speed on topics such as:

How to Calculate the Weight of Aluminium Extrusion?

How do you work out how heavy an aluminium extrusion is? The magic number you need is the theoretical weight per meter. Usually expressed in kilos per metre (kg/m). Once you have this you can work out the weight of any length of the..

Understanding Extrusions: What You Need to Know

The process explained Extrusion is a technique where heated materials such as aluminium are forced through an opening to form a shaped profile. To produce an aluminium extrusion, an aluminium billet (a solid block/log of aluminium) is..

6 Ways to join aluminium extrusions

There are many reasons as to why you would want to join aluminium extrusions to each other, sometimes you will have to assemble two or more component parts to produce a more complex part. There are also a number of techniques you can use..

Aluminium Extrusion Design: Best Practices

Gain the knowledge required to design aluminium extrusions by using this list of key characteristics which need to be addressed as you go through the design process. Specifying the Metal Thickness Uniform Metal Thickness – Where Possible..

Aluminium Surface Treatments Guide

There are multiple reasons as to why you would need to apply aluminium surface treatments to your extrusions, all of which should be considered in the design phase of your profile. Understanding the end use of your profile and what..

Aluminium Extrusion Tolerances

Behind every product is a design, a design which shows how it needs to be made and how it’s going to look. When in the design phase, before the product can go through the manufacturing process, extruders must specify tolerances and apply..

Aluminium Design Tips & Considerations

Aluminium extrusion is an industrial forming process that is used to produce long profiles of a constant cross-section. This cross-section is shaped by the opening in a steel tool known as a die. A huge advantage of designing with..

Will Anodising Aluminium Affect the Dimensions of my Profile?

Anodising aluminium is one of the most common finishes applied to aluminium extrusions. It increases corrosion resistance, becomes dirt repellent, increases the resistance to wear, creates a porous surface ideal for accepting dyes &..

5 Common Mistakes with Profile Design

Before a die can go into production or through any manufacturing process, you need a design that is technically achievable or which is physically possible to extrude. Without a fully functioning design you can expect expensive errors to..

Why Aluminium Extrusion Suppliers Require a Minimum Order Quantity

For small volume buyers or those buying lightweight profiles, the minimum order quantities (MOQ) required by the press can represent a significant unexpected expense or wastage. The most common reason for a small order is as a first off..

6 Recommended Websites for Product Design Inspiration

It happens to us all, we’re given a project or something to think about and the first thing that comes to mind is… nothing, typical, you’re having a creativity block. So, what do you do when this happens? How do you get around having a..

SOLIDWORKS Productivity Hacks

Since its release in 1995 SOLIDWORKS has been one of the industry leading pieces of software for computer aided design (CAD). It was created to allow designers and engineers to bring their product designs to life with ease and precision...