Extrusion Academy: Aluminium

Benefits of Using Aluminium

There are so many great reasons to choose aluminium extrusion as a component in your next big...

Aluminium Extrusion 101

Aluminium extrusions are the end result of a process used to transform aluminium alloy into...

Designing Aluminium Extrusions

What do I need to think about before designing an extrusion?


Choose your Alloy

Choosing the Right Alloy

Extrusion Alloys


Why aluminium extrusion suppliers require a minimum order quantity

For small volume buyers or those buying lightweight profiles, the minimum order quantities (MOQ)...

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Aluminium Extrusion Design: Best Practices

Gain the knowledge required to design aluminium extrusions by using this list of key...

Understanding Extrusions: What You Need to Know

The process explained

Extrusion is a technique where heated materials such as aluminium are...