5 Common Mistakes with Profile Design

on 13-Sep-2017 09:59:14 By | Alix Francis | 0 Comments |
Before a die can go into production or through any manufacturing process, you need a design that is technically achievable or which is physically possible to extrude. Without a fully functioning design you can expect expensive errors to crop up throughout the manufacturing process, not to mention the time consumed in achieving your final workable design.
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Why aluminium extrusion suppliers require a minimum order quantity

on 23-Aug-2017 11:49:38 By | Alix Francis | 0 Comments | Minimum Order Quantity
For small volume buyers or those buying lightweight profiles, the minimum order quantities (MOQ) required by the press can represent a significant unexpected expense or wastage. The most common reason for a small order is as a first off sample, this can often attract a premium of hundreds of pounds. You might think that these rules are just the extruder's way of getting more out of each order, but there are significant economic and technical reasons why these rules exist.
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3 Common problems affecting manufacturing lead times

on 09-Aug-2017 14:14:00 By | Alix Francis | 0 Comments | Manufacturing Lead Times
Lead times… One of the most frustrating but crucial parts of any project. Without a solid manufacturing lead time, your whole project is at risk of being delayed. No one likes to wait, whether it be for a coffee at your local coffee shop or manufacturers holding up production times. No one likes to wait.
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Finance manager gets down and dirty for charity

on 12-May-2017 13:08:43 By | Danny Varley | 0 Comments | Charity Events
Our normally highly polished and respectable BWC Group Finance Manager, Denise Whittemore, raised money for Cancer Research on Saturday 13th June by taking part in the "Pretty Muddy" Race For Life event.
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New plastic extrusion line commissioned

on 12-May-2017 12:47:07 By | Danny Varley | 0 Comments | Investment Plastic Extrusion Growth
BWC Plastics is pleased to introduce our new Davis Standard Plastic Extrusion Machine supported by match grant funding.
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Chub club charity weight loss challenge

on 12-May-2017 12:43:24 By | Danny Varley | 0 Comments | Charity Events
At BWC Group we are never shy of a challenge, and we love to raise money for good causes. 
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Sales director Marc stars for Lashings Cricket Club

on 04-Jan-2017 13:46:11 By | Danny Varley | 0 Comments | Charity Events
Warm and sunny weather with bright blue skies provided the perfect backdrop for our Sales Director Marc Woolley whom recently made a special appearance at The Lashings vs Eversholt Cricket Club.
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