Technical Design


Experienced Staff

Together we have more than 150 years of collective extrusion design experience.


Lastest CAD Systems

We use SolidWorks and keep all our CAD systems up to date with the latest and greatest features.


Friendly, Fast & Free

Why not take advantage of our FREE in house design expertise! On hand to assist you in your project requirements.

Take advantage of our technical design facility. We are here to help – its all part of our service!


Production Ready

We can review your designs and assess the suitability for various manufacturing processes and advise you of any changes you can make to get the most out of your component.

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Value Engineering

We can help you maximise the efficiency and value of your design. We cut waste, reducing cost, speeding up manufacture and improving overall finish quality.


Material Choices

We can provide information such as the specifications & properties of materials. We can provide you with guidance on the most suitable material to use for your component's end-use.


Prototypes & Samples

We have a wide range of prototyping options available to help you confirm your design, from an in-house 3D printing service to a pressed sample run.



We can finalise your extrusion with added aesthetic and protective properties. We will find you a finish that is suitable for your component's end-use, including matching colour requirements.


Colour Matching

We can colour match any sample you provide. If you need an exact RAL colour match, we can help, whether its to match the compound colour for plastic extrusion or the colour for powder coating.