Rapid prototypes and samples

Get a tangible sample quickly with our free in-house 3D printing service

What prototypes do we produce?

We offer a wide range of prototyping options, including 3D printing, wire erosion and extruded samples. The fastest option is our in-house 3D printing service.

Our 3D prototypes can be up to 230mm wide by 150mm deep by 200mm tall. Our prototypes are usually printed in a Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) material. This gives a precise print with a quality finish. Our 3D print service is usually free of charge if you are making an aluminium or plastic extrusion enquiry.

How do you order a prototype? 

It's easy; just get in touch. You can either fill out the form below requesting a callback, or send us your sketches or any CAD models you may already have drawn up. A member of the team will be in touch to find out a little more about the project, as well as discuss your needs.

We will then put you in touch with our technical team who will be able to help you take your idea forward from napkin sketch to tangible sample in no time.

What is the turnaround time?

Our turnaround time is generally a few days, dependent on how far through the design process you are with your new extrusion design.

If you are in the early stages of design and perhaps just have some rough sketches it could take us a little longer for us to help you finalise the design, set up the working CAD, print the prototypes and post them to you.

If you have already completed some of these steps yourself you can expect that we will be able to turn around your samples much sooner.

How detailed can the prototype be?

Worried your design may be a little too complicated? Don't be. We are confident that no matter how complex your design, we will be able to devise a strategy to prototype it.

Our 3D printing facilities allows for a layer resolution as low as 0.1mm and can produce samples with dimensional accuracy around +/-0.3mm. We can even print prototypes with fabrication details such as any holes, miters, slots, threading etc. your extrusions might require.

3d printed samples
3D printed extrusion samples
3d printed samples extrusion drawings

Sketch to CAD

Simply provide us with a sketch of your design and our in-house team will re-create your design using the latest in industry-leading drawing software.

3d printed samples print preparation

Print Preparation

Using a CAD drawing, our designers can digitally extrude your profile into a 3D model, we then prepare your file as a .OBJ, .3gx or .THING file for printing.

3D printed Extrusion Sample with Fabrication


We can print in two colours for showing mating parts, tear out strips or thermal breaks. We can also build in fabrication details such as holes, slots, miters etc.

Let us bring your design to life with a rapid prototype

3d printed samples and wire eroded samples

Wire eroded samples (EDM)

Electrical Discharge Machining is an effective way of producing a sample if the design requires extreme precision, or necessitates a specific material to be used. Contact us if you believe your sample requires this method.

Extruded samples

After tooling has been cut, we can arrange for a short run of extrusions to be produced, to allow you to check your design thoroughly before bulk material is ordered.

Fabricated and finished samples

We can send sample extrusions for fabrication and finishing, to ensure that you have total peace of mind, and know exactly what to expect from the finished product.

Seen enough? Get in touch!

Whatever your query may be, our caring and friendly service team are more than happy to help. You can either send us a quick message or a detailed enquiry with drawings or sketches. We will get in touch with you as soon as we can, to discuss your requirements further.

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