Plastic profiles

Plastic Extrusion

Leading UK manufacturers of plastic profiles, offering a complete service from concept to completion.

Product development support

We will offer our expertise to help you get the best from your plastic extrusion design. We can supply rapid prototypes to help you test & prove your concepts.


Complete supply solutions

Between our extensive in house capability and our large network of approved suppliers we can fulfil almost every material, fabrication & finishing requirement. 


Quality assured processes

We take pride in producing top quality products. Our ISO9001 quality management system ensures that quality checks are built right into every process.

Bespoke plastic profiles, made easy.

We have the capacity to produce any extrusions sized between 2mm to 200mm for solid sections, and 6mm to 80mm for tubes, which can be run on any of our 7 extrusion lines, with outputs ranging from 45 to 115kg per hour.

These profiles can be extruded in lengths ranging from 100mm to 6000mm, with tolerances to be agreed beforehand.

We offer the following packaging options: polythene sleeved, boxed, dispatched on pallets or stillage’s as standard with specific details to be agreed on a job by job basis. However, if you have a particular packaging requirement, we will endeavour to satisfy the demand.

All deliveries are sub-contracted so we can offer a next day delivery via our standard couriers or on a 3-day service for bulk loads.

All goods are also available ex-works.

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Extrusion Materials

We have the capacity to extrude the majority of compounds, and can work with you to select the best material for the job. If you would like to know more about the different compounds available, have a look at our compound guide.

Compound guide

Fabrication saw


There are limitless ways to fabricate plastic profiles including cutting, drilling, punching, machining, welding, bending and much more. We've put together a guide to walk you through the possibilities.

Fabrication Options

Finishing paint sprayer


Whatever your requirement(s) may be, we can ensure your product will fit in seemlessly with its environment and will possess all the properties needed to achieve full functionality.

Learn more

Aluminium Academy Paint Sprayer

Plastic Academy

Whilst we can provide you with lots of expertise and design assistance, most people like to have a grasp of the basics. Check out our plastic extrusion 101 in the Plastic Academy for quick introduction.

Get learning

3D Printed Extrusion Prototype Service

Design & Prototype Service

Why not try our in-house 3D printing service to prototype your extrusion designs?

We'll provide a sample of your plastic profile in no time. We can even model fabrication details and fine extrusion details, so you can check fit and how your profile will work in the final product.

Best of all it's FREE of charge when you allow us to quote to supply the extrusion.


Stock Holding & Distribution

Need someone to stock your extrusions that will deliver your call-offs in the blink of an eye?

Our spacious warehouse facilities and flexible stock holding agreements can help ensure rapid on time delivery, lots of free space on your factory floor and give your business increased working capital.

All items are delivered within 3 days from stock to mainland UK addresses.


Supply Chain Intelligence

Tired of having to chase your suppliers to find out what's going on with an order?

We use the latest technologies to keep our customers informed. Proactivley and automatically sending key account contacts reports, such as their current stock position and open order status.

We can even build you custom reports and integrations to streamline the supply chain.

Plastic Extrusion Die


Bespoke Plastic Profiles Manufactured & Supplied
Drilling Plastic Extrusion


Finishing & Fabrication Configurations
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Linear Meters of Plastic Extruded

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