Benefits of using Plasitc

Why use plastic extrusion in your next project?

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There are so many great reasons to choose plastic extrusion as a component in your next big project. Plastic extrusions are:


Cost effective

Plastic extrusion's high average production speed makes manufacture significantly cheaper than most alternative materials.

This, working in tandem with the sheer amount of compounds/additive mixtures to choose from, meaning only the properties pertanent to the use-case must be selected, makes plastic extrusion the logical choice for a large portion of profile and section requirements. 



The wide selection of compounds to choose from allows customers to 'cherry pick' specific properties, perhaps most notably the ridgitity of the material itself.

This makes anything from a highly flexible rubbery material, to an load bearing, extremley solid, beam section possible using plastic extrusion, making it ideal of a huge variety of use-cases.



Compounds containing anti-microbial elements can be utilised to embed the ability to neutrilise potentially harmful pathogens within the plastic itself, without the need for coating.

This can also used to prevent the development of mold, mildew and bacteria on the material's surface, whilst having no impact on people or food upon contact.


Corrosion resistant

Depending on the compound used, plastic extrusion can be used in some of the harshest environments, making them ideal for underwater construction, for example.

This is due to the innate resistance to various chemicals and solvents of the materials used, and greatly widens the applications for plastic extrusion. 



 A combination of the extrudability, machinability and the selection of compounds available, makes finding the right balance of weight to strength easy.

This has serious implications for the construction industry, but also makes plastic extrusion ideal for numerous other sectors including shop fitting, automotive, horticulture and electronics.

In addition to the above:

  • Easy to colour match, without the need for painting
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Resistant to moisture absorbsion
  • Strong over long periods of time
  • Recycleable
  • Versatile in terms of colour and shape
  • UV resistant

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